A Haskell library for pretty printing source code error messages for use with parsers, compilers, and interpreters. Features include:

  • Connected and disconnected spans.
  • Fancy output support, including colorful highlighting.
  • Customizable messages, labels, and character sets.

Pretty error message from Errata

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A webserver powered by Haskell’s Servant library for arbitrary code execution within Docker containers. Features include:

  • Memory and CPU usage limits.
  • Timing out long executions.
  • Concurrent executions and retries.
  • A whole lotta languages prepared to be used.

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Discord Akairo

A framework built on the discord.js library for customizable and featureful Discord bots. Features include:

  • Automatic loading of commands.
  • Handling of command executions.
  • Argument parsing and prompting.
  • Plenty of utilies.

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